Latinas’ unique challenges are under-researched and often overlooked. We support studies to help us understand what interventions work.

The Latina Educational Experience

80% of Latinas aspire to go to college, but more than one in five drop out of high school and only 15% earn a college degree. To better understand what leads Latinas to finish high school and attend college, we conducted a study in partnership with the UCLA Civil Rights Project.

Promoting Latina

Instead of focusing on what does not work, we focused on what leads to success, such as involvement in extracurricular activities, exposure to Latino teachers and counselors, high quality math instruction from a young age, parent engagement, and access to financial aid.

This research guides our programs and influences our national efforts to better educate Latinas. Access the full report here.

Latinas’ unique challenges are under-researched and often overlooked. Aware of their under-representation in the STEM fields, our founder Eva Longoria wrote her master’s degree thesis on the issues, barriers and successes experienced by Latina scientists and engineers.

Access the thesis paper, titled “Success STEMS from Diversity: The Value of Latinas in STEM Careers,” here.

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